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But Wait!!!

If your emailing pictures to me, I will need as much info as possible,

  • Size?
  • Is it colour or black and grey?
  • Location?
  • Any changes?
  • and anything else that may be relevant

You don't always have to find an exact picture of the tattoo you want, I really just need an idea of what sort of art your after, I will sometimes ask you to find some examples of what you want. This helps me to understand what your expectations are.

Also of note:

I reserve the right to decline your tattoo, if I feel it is not a design suitable to my style of work.  


Ph +64 021 294 3157

Email Dave



301 Maunganui Road,
Mt Maunganui, Tauranga,
New Zealand

Email: dave@tattoofreaky.com
Phone:+64 021 294 3157

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