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Welcome to tattoofreaky.com
Dave McEwan Custom Tattoo Art

Hi Guys, thanks for stopping by, 

I am a custom tattoo artist, tattooist, tattooer (I'm not sure on that last one, I think it's American) with 20+ years professional tattooing, I work in a variety of tattoo styles including, Biomechanical, Oriental (Japanese), Portrait, Skulls and Horror, Old school Traditional, Fantasy art, Large and Small, Colour as well as Black and Grey...... that's to name just a few, I really could go on all day.  My approach to tattooing is to create a individual tattoo for each and every client, as there is nothing worse than seeing your tattoo on three different people on one trip to the supermarket?

As some of you may know Tattoo Freaky was the name of my studio in Lower Hutt, and that I closed the studio back at the end of 2013 and moved up to Tauranga. Where I am now tattooing Monday's and Tuesday's at Hammerhead Tattoos, Mt Maunganui.

While Tattoo Freaky as a studio is no more I still use this site as my own tattoo art page.

Come in, take a look around, check out my gallery and about page. For Booking and inquiries see the contact page.



Jabob's Otter

In 20+ years as a tattoo artist, this is the first Otter I have ever done as a tattoo, 


301 Maunganui Road,
Mt Maunganui, Tauranga,
New Zealand

Email: dave@tattoofreaky.com
Phone:+64 021 294 3157

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